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RV Parks - There are several options for those who are traveling via RV or trailer.  Depending on your preferences for ambiance, facilities, or full hookups, you will want to look at several before making your final decision.  The RV Park at Brown County is highly rated but does not have full hookups (electric only).  For full hookups, you can stay outside the park at a commercial RV park.

Here are three options (located in Nashville) for your consideration:

Brown County State Park                             electric only     $23 - $30

Last Resort (RV Park &) Campground      full hookups     $35 - $45 (also avail. tent/cabin but                                                                                                            cabins do not allow pets.

Westward Ho RV & Campground               full hookups     $35

Please visit the websites for details on rules and more information concerning price/ratings.  There are other RV parks but these appear to be the best options.  Be aware that we have NOT seen these sites in person and are only going on information available on the Internet!!  You are responsible for your own choices.

NOTE:  There are other RV parks in the area, these are just the closest!

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