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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Having Fun at BAR

We wanted to share some of the fun times happening at the are a few random pictures of how things are going so far! Look for  more pictures, along with videos, in the coming day or two
(as soon as a stronger wireless connection can be found).


Flat Easy and Flat Buddy planning their next pawty!

Flat Robin & Christmas discuss Blogville Pawlitics

Dory reassuring Flat Mr. Bailey she is on her way to see him in the furs!

Casey, Jessie and their Mama from The Legacy Chronicles


Hailey (and her Dad) helping her on the home stretch of the Scavenger Hunt!

Flat Christmas and Robin with Beachnut (or was that Sheldon...)

Casey and one of his first Blogville furiends, StellaRose along with StellaRose's Mama

Frankie and Ernie bomb a Casey selfie!

Dory, wondering why Casey is smiling when his Mama hasn't given him a cookie yet!

A Zaphod and Dory selfie!

StellaRose and her Mama

..and here it Whitney's sister Zoe!

The Mayors are wondering what they did to land behind bars!!

Dory and Arty snuggling after a long day of fun!!


  1. This is SO awesome!! I hope we can attend next year! Xxoo

  2. Looks like everybody's havin a great time!

  3. Good to see. I've seen the Facebook bits but I'm not that good with the book of faces and get lost sometimes. If you could let us know in captions with each picture who the peeps are it would be good. We know most of the dogs but don't really know who their peeps are. I'd say by the happy smiling faces the BAR has been a HUGE success. May it not be the last!! Charlie's Mum, Lynn!

  4. thanks for the pics, everyone looks fab

  5. So good to see so many smiling and happy faces!!! We so appreciate that photos and understand the challenge of those darn signals. We look forward to seeing more of the fun and hope that one day we can make it to a gathering of such nice friends too.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  6. Flat me enjoyed meeting Arty and Beechnut! Looks like everyone had a fun day!

    Your friend,

  7. such wonderful happy photos!
    hugs to all at the BAR
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  8. We loved seeing all the coverage on the Facebook page. Thank u.

  9. Bravo bravo Beth 'not Carol' BAR joke...For some lame rain reason I called Beth Carol and Carol Beth...I actually think Carol resembles Angel Remington's mom whose name is Beth). But I DO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE!

  10. Thanks so much! We've been waiting AGES to see what was happening.

  11. BOL! Dory, the trick is, Momma always gives me a treat for good pictures. If I just go ahead and smile quickly, I get the treat FASTER!

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