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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Pee Five - Proper Road and BAR Etiquette

OMD...Only TWO AND A HALF WEEKS until the B.A.R.!!!
Today we want to talk to you about the Fifth and probably most important Pee: Proper Road and BAR Manners!

This might take a little while, so feel free to go get a bowl of treats and a hot cup of broth.....Are you ready?? Let's go!!
 Car Manners:
  • Are you prone to car sickness? Make sure you visit your V-E-T and see if it is safe for you to take anti-nausea meds! Also make sure your peeps have supplies to clean up, just in case your brother someone pukes, cause in a hot car it can get VERY STINKY if you don't have your peep clean it up (take my word for it)!
  • Make sure your assistants have you buckled up for safety, either in your car seat, room(crate) or harnessed in.
    • Check your siblings harnesses to make sure they are not being chewed through. We had a scary experience when Mama was driving us up here from Texas. Jakey had chewed through his harness and unexpectedly leaped into the front seat while Mama was driving!! We thought Mama was going to have a heart attack right there. Thank goodness she was paying attention!! Needless to say,  check your safety devices at every stop (and bring an extra harness, just in case)!
  • If you are traveling with your silly brother another animal, make sure everyone has there own "space". I just hate when Arty keeps touching me!!

Rest Stop Manners
  • Make sure your peeps take you to the approve potty area in the rest stop. While it is ok to read peemail, Mama usually keeps our sniffing to a minimum and and has us do our business quickly. THEN she will take us for a walkie around the rest area. 
  •  After you have done your business...HAVE YOUR PEEP PICK UP YOUR POOP!!!! Not only will this keep the area (and the car if your Mama steps in it) clean but it lowers the risk of disease.
  • Believe it or not, not all peeps love dogs ( I know, RIGHT??). So, I think it goes without saying, keep your peeps on their strings at all times...and avoid the mean looking, silly humans.

Hotel Manners:
  • Most hotels have rules they want your peeps to follow,  make sure your peeps read them.
  • Don't let your peeps leave the room without you. Most hotels want your peeps to stick around with you anyway. Besides,  I never know what kind of trouble my Mama will get into without me. 
  • Contrary to popular belief, you should try not to bark at all the phantoms and ghosts that pass by the door at 2AM. We try our best, but sometimes Dory senses the real scary ones!!
  • Going potty in the hotel is frowned upon, but if you do have an accident, make sure your peeps bring potty clean up supplies with them to help you clean up!
  • Go to the designated potty area to go potty. MAKE SURE YOUR PEEPS PICK UP YOUR POOP!!

 BAR Manners

(and let our peeps worry about the rest!)

Mama (along with the hosts of BAR) also have a couple of guidelines to follow while attending the BAR:

We can't wait to meet everyone coming in to the BAR, and I know all the pups will be excited to be there too. We know, as Blogville residents, we are already aware of  what to do to keep our pets safe. These are a few guidelines and reminders to help keep we humans,  and our very excited pups, having a good time.

  • Although we humans feel like we know each other, our pups haven't actually met. Do not approach a pack until you have the OK from the dog parent. 
    • For instance, although Arty loves to play with other pups, if he is surprised or feels threatened, he can be growly. Even Dory, who has never met a human stranger, can be shy and reserved around other pups.

  • Some of us will be bringing "playpens" for our pups.  Please keep your pups leashed or in their play area at all times.
  • Always be aware of your pups. We know we all are going to have tons to talk about, make sure to keep an eye on your pups while we all get to know each other!
  • Finally, like Dory and Arty said more than once, and we know all of Blogville knows, SCOOP THE POOP!  
We will have a full house of excited pups! Please note that your pups may not act as they usually do and some may need extra space. Please feel free to take your pup for a walk if they seem uncomfortable! 
Here is a recent info-graphic that has made the rounds on the book of faces of dog postures that may show your dog is uncomfortable or scared.
We hope these tips and tricks have helped and, as always, please feel free to ask questions either in the comments or email us!!


  1. Hari OM
    Brilliant post - love the infographic! crikey... it's getting so close now I can almost feel the furs already!!!!!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Ohhhhh Arty and Dory we are getting so excited.
    Dad will have to put a leash on mom to keep her from running up to all the pups expecting them to know her.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  3. We are beyond excited! Wonderful advice!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. Dose are sum gud road rules... I luv road trips.. Whit did, too. Da Mommas think it's impawtant to take da pup on lil trips round town when dey are young so's dey git used to car ridin' and have gud associashuns wiff it.

  5. I apologize in advance if Phod tries to hump other dogs lol!
    We hope our pups have the best manners and aren't crazy excited!

  6. OMD, I can't believe the BAR is so close!!! I'm really hoping that Jessie acts like a good puppy and not a maniac when she meets everyone. She's super friendly but barks like Cujo sometimes.