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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Park Maps

Here are copies of the park map.  The first one is an overall map and the second one is a close up of our area.

The arrow points to our shelter (Tulip Tree).  We will have nearby trails for walking dogs, and a nearby lake and lookout tower too.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Gimme Shelter!

We are proud to announce that we have officially secured the shelter that will be home base for all BAR activities!  It is called the Tulip Tree Shelter and will hold 50 - 60 people.  

The Description: The Tulip Tree Shelter is an open shelter with a paved floor, a small grill and a group grill. It seats 60 people and has 15 parking spaces. The shelter also has vault toilets and a playground. It is located on the south side of the West Gate Road. The Tulip Tree Shelter sits in a private, semi-wooded area. Hiking Trail #8, leading to the West Lookout Tower or Ogle Lake, is close by.

We thought that this shelter would be pawfectly situated so folks can easily take doggies for walks throughout the day.  There are picnic tables in the shelter but for anyone who is able, you might want to bring lawn chairs (extras if you can).  It makes for more comfortable seating and (weather providing) we can expand into the area outside of the shelter.

Entrance Fee:  As with most all other state and federal parks, there is a daily entrance fee ($9/vehicle for out-of-state, $2/person if you walk in). To minimize this fee we can carpool into the park.  Anyone staying within the park itself will only pay one entrance fee.

Roll Call:  Be sure to check the Roll Call Tab to find out who has confirmed their attendance at the BAR.  Please let us know right away if there are any changes or corrections!

Lodging:  So far it looks like ALMOST everyone is at the Red Roof Inn (see Lodging Tab).  For anyone interested in staying at the park in an RV campsite, you can make reservations in December. They are only able to be made 6 months in advance.  It is expected that Murphy & Stanley will be staying at a campsite in the park.

Your Blogville Awesome Retreat Organizing Committee

Monday, September 21, 2015

Changing Seasons!

 As the weather cools down, the planning is ramping up for the BAR!  Our assistants (aka da Mamas) are working hard to make sure we will be totally spoiled and catered to at all times!

Above is the latest group photo showing the attendees!!
Are you planning on attending??
If so, and don't see your picture at the campsite, send it to Dory's Mama at bethblog(at)ebchristians(dot)com and join us around the campfire!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

FYI: Who's Where?

FYI:  Thanks to Dory for updating our camping photo as folks are committing to meeting at the BAR!  Just so you know, so far 5 blogs have made reservations at the Red Roof!  Me and Stanley are gonna be in the little wheelie house so we will stay at a RV park.  We haven't made reservations yet but it looks like we will probably go with the Last Resort RV Park (see link in tab).

Monday, August 17, 2015

Welcome to the Official Blogvile Awesome Retreat (BAR) Blog!

Let us know if you would like to be added to our group photo by sending a picture to Dory's Mama at bethblog (at) ebchristians (dot) com!

We are sooooo excited about the BAR and we want everyone to have one place they can go to learn everything there is to know about the fun we are planning!!! If you look under the heading of the BAR Blog, you will see separate pages for everything you need in order to plan this once in a lifetime opportunity!!

Let us show you around!!

General Information - Find all the information on the when and where here. You can also find information about regional retreats and some answers to questions you may have!

Roll Call - Who all is coming to BAR?? Find out here!! You can also leave us a comment and RSVP here!

Lodging Information - Need a hotel to stay? This is where you can find a selection of pet friendly hotels!

Cabin Information - Would you like to rent a cabin, or maybe bunk with a couple of fellow Blogville citizens?? This is the place to go!

RV Parking and Camping Information - Planning on bringing your camper or R/V or just want to experience a weekend camping and communing with nature?? You can find a list of places to do that here!

Make sure you follow us (you can click on the Follow Us widget on our sidebar!) so you can get further updates. We are planning a fun filled weekend for all pets and their pawrents!!!

We can't wait to see you there!!!!