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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Pee Five - Proper Road and BAR Etiquette

OMD...Only TWO AND A HALF WEEKS until the B.A.R.!!!
Today we want to talk to you about the Fifth and probably most important Pee: Proper Road and BAR Manners!

This might take a little while, so feel free to go get a bowl of treats and a hot cup of broth.....Are you ready?? Let's go!!
 Car Manners:
  • Are you prone to car sickness? Make sure you visit your V-E-T and see if it is safe for you to take anti-nausea meds! Also make sure your peeps have supplies to clean up, just in case your brother someone pukes, cause in a hot car it can get VERY STINKY if you don't have your peep clean it up (take my word for it)!
  • Make sure your assistants have you buckled up for safety, either in your car seat, room(crate) or harnessed in.
    • Check your siblings harnesses to make sure they are not being chewed through. We had a scary experience when Mama was driving us up here from Texas. Jakey had chewed through his harness and unexpectedly leaped into the front seat while Mama was driving!! We thought Mama was going to have a heart attack right there. Thank goodness she was paying attention!! Needless to say,  check your safety devices at every stop (and bring an extra harness, just in case)!
  • If you are traveling with your silly brother another animal, make sure everyone has there own "space". I just hate when Arty keeps touching me!!

Rest Stop Manners
  • Make sure your peeps take you to the approve potty area in the rest stop. While it is ok to read peemail, Mama usually keeps our sniffing to a minimum and and has us do our business quickly. THEN she will take us for a walkie around the rest area. 
  •  After you have done your business...HAVE YOUR PEEP PICK UP YOUR POOP!!!! Not only will this keep the area (and the car if your Mama steps in it) clean but it lowers the risk of disease.
  • Believe it or not, not all peeps love dogs ( I know, RIGHT??). So, I think it goes without saying, keep your peeps on their strings at all times...and avoid the mean looking, silly humans.

Hotel Manners:
  • Most hotels have rules they want your peeps to follow,  make sure your peeps read them.
  • Don't let your peeps leave the room without you. Most hotels want your peeps to stick around with you anyway. Besides,  I never know what kind of trouble my Mama will get into without me. 
  • Contrary to popular belief, you should try not to bark at all the phantoms and ghosts that pass by the door at 2AM. We try our best, but sometimes Dory senses the real scary ones!!
  • Going potty in the hotel is frowned upon, but if you do have an accident, make sure your peeps bring potty clean up supplies with them to help you clean up!
  • Go to the designated potty area to go potty. MAKE SURE YOUR PEEPS PICK UP YOUR POOP!!

 BAR Manners

(and let our peeps worry about the rest!)

Mama (along with the hosts of BAR) also have a couple of guidelines to follow while attending the BAR:

We can't wait to meet everyone coming in to the BAR, and I know all the pups will be excited to be there too. We know, as Blogville residents, we are already aware of  what to do to keep our pets safe. These are a few guidelines and reminders to help keep we humans,  and our very excited pups, having a good time.

  • Although we humans feel like we know each other, our pups haven't actually met. Do not approach a pack until you have the OK from the dog parent. 
    • For instance, although Arty loves to play with other pups, if he is surprised or feels threatened, he can be growly. Even Dory, who has never met a human stranger, can be shy and reserved around other pups.

  • Some of us will be bringing "playpens" for our pups.  Please keep your pups leashed or in their play area at all times.
  • Always be aware of your pups. We know we all are going to have tons to talk about, make sure to keep an eye on your pups while we all get to know each other!
  • Finally, like Dory and Arty said more than once, and we know all of Blogville knows, SCOOP THE POOP!  
We will have a full house of excited pups! Please note that your pups may not act as they usually do and some may need extra space. Please feel free to take your pup for a walk if they seem uncomfortable! 
Here is a recent info-graphic that has made the rounds on the book of faces of dog postures that may show your dog is uncomfortable or scared.
We hope these tips and tricks have helped and, as always, please feel free to ask questions either in the comments or email us!!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Roll Call!

In order to make sure we have a good headcount for the pups and peeps who will be seeing one another in a few weeks at the BAR, please email any corrections to us at cecampbell[AT]msn[DOT]com.

Arty & Dory with 2 hoomans
Madi with 2 hoomans
Oreo with 1 hooman
Murphy & Stanley with 2 hoomans
Yamini (Aunty YAM)
Pip's Ruby with 1 hooman
Casey & Jessie with 1 hooman
Frankie & Ernie with 2 hoomans
Sarge's Crabby Girls with 2 hoomans
Hailey & Phod with 2 hoomans
Stella Rose with 1 hooman
Jester with 1 hooman
Sydney from Chewy
Whitney & Jaxzyn with 2 hoomans from A Day In The Life of Pugs 
1 hooman from The Ok Dog Blog with UNK # of dogs
Shelle Pennington with Newby & Dixie

If you are planning to attend, even if for only 1 day, please make sure we have your information!  A special welcome packet will be emailed to ONLY those who are attending so we want to make sure we have your information!

The Five Pees of Travel - Pee 3 - Packing

With the BAR coming right around the corner, we wanted to repost a couple of PEES to remind you of things your humans might need to be reminded to do.
Also, make sure to tune in this Tuesday for one of the most important PEES...
Proper Road Manners AND BAR Manners!!

Here is our Flashback on the 3rd Pee
PACKING for Travel with your Humans!!

Howdy all and welcome to the THIRD Pee in the Five Pees of Travel!! That's right, the BAR is less than THREE months away now!! HURRAY!!

Today we are going to talk about one of our Mama's biggest challenges when going on a road trip, or ANY trip with or without us....
We put together two different lists for packing. One list for the things to leave in the car, and another list for things to put in a suitcase for the #ho-tels! 
First - the list of things for the car, Mama keeps these in a box on the floor by the front seat next to her so she can have them close at hand:
Bottled water - Not all rest areas have water (and Mama doesn't trust the quality of the water if they do have water).
Water bowl(s) - Mama carries 1 per pup traveling
Training Treats - LOTS  of treats!  Mama uses Wellness Petite Treats because they are low in calories and some (Dory) pup thinks she should get a treat every time the care stops.
Old bath towel(s) - for drying off wet pups after a rainy walk (or a swim)
Paper towels - for quick clean ups
Pet Cleaning solution- for accidents
Wet Ones and people hand sanitizer - For Mama's hands after cleaning up (thanks Mili Wife for the idea!)
Pet Deodorizing Spray (or other air freshener)-to cover accident smell
Leashes and extra collars - Mama keeps leashes in every pocket the Rogue has!

I also have my very own suitcase! Mama puts all the things I will need when we stay overnight in the #ho-tel.  Mama wants to note that she doubles up on things so she doesn't have to worry about leaving me in the #ho-tel room alone to make multiple trips to and from the car looking for things she forgot. So we have 2 clean up kits, 2 sets of bowls, ect.
Here is a list of what I like to bring in my suitcase, this will vary from pup to pup (or kitty to kitty) depending :
Foodies - LOTS of foodies (Mama also brings a few little cans of wet food. She mixes this in with my kibble if I am not eating).
Treats - LOTS of treats.
Bowls - for my water and my foodies.
A blanket from home (or a bed)- I usually sleep in the big bed with Mama but I like to have something with familiar smells (besides Mama) to sleep on.
A toy from home - I just love a good game of tuggy before bedtime, and I have a collection of tuggy toys I like to travel with!
Doggy Shampoo - Seriously Mama?? Sigh, Mama says after a few days on the road (and maybe after I sneak a roll in some stinky stuff) even I need a bath.
A Clean Up Kit - I rarely have accidents, but sometimes accidents do happen. Mama and I make sure to pack stain remover, a few rags and air freshener in our suitcase just in case.
Clothes - Mama always brings a couple of dresses, bandanas, etc. for me to wear while we are traveling.  I may not dress up every day, but Mama and I like to do a few photo shoots while we are traveling and a girl has to look her best, right??

Poopy Bags - Mama makes sure to have these on hand for our after dinner walkies!

We hope you can use some of these packing tips when you all hit the road to the BAR or just head out on your next road trip!!

Make sure to join us in April when we talk about the 
Fourth Pee - Practice!!
That's right,  Mama, Arty and I will be taking an OVERNIGHT road trip at the end of the month to see whether or not we can all travel safely together to the BAR! We will be back to let you know all about it!

We can't believe the BAR is less than THREE MONTHS AWAY!!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Five Pees of Travel - Pee 2 - Preparing!!

With the BAR coming right around the corner, we wanted to repost a couple of PEES to remind you of things your humans might need to be reminded to do.
Also, make sure to tune in this Tuesday for one of the most important PEES...
Proper Road Manners AND BAR Manners!!

Here is our Flashback on the 2nd Pee
PREPARING for Travel with your Humans!!

We're another month closer to the BAR, which means it's time for the next installment of The Five Pees of Travel!! 
If you missed Pee #1 - Planning, click HERE or visit the Travel Pees page at the top of the page!

In this installment, Arty and I  are going to cover what you can do to start preparing for your trip to the BAR!!

The first important things you can do to start preparing is make sure you current tags!

Name/Contact Tag - Make sure sure you are wearing a name tag. You want the other pups to know your name at the BAR, right?? Along with your name, it should also have a phone number where your pawrents can be reached. You never know when your pawrents might get lost and you might not be able to find them. This way someone can call them and tell them how to find their way back.

Current Shots and Rabies Tag - None of us like to visit the V-E-T but, before you hop in the car to head to the BAR,  make sure your shots are up to date and you are wearing your current rabies tag. 

Microchip Tag - We always wear our fashionable Microchip tag! This tag has our microchip number on it for easy look up. All of us here at Dory's Backyard are micro-chipped because, you know, that whole parents getting lost thing.  It is also a good idea to have your V-E-T scan your microchip annually to make sure it is still where it is suppose to be!

License Tag - We were amazed when we found out that California makes us where a tag to prove we live here...Texas never made us!! But we digress, if your state requires a License Tag, make sure you are wearing it too...

Needless to say, we have so many jingles our pawrents ALWAYS know we are coming!!

We may have to wear all those tags...but we make sure Mama always carries the following papers in her....Information Book (What a BORING name, Mama).  Mama is a bit OCD when it comes to us, so humor her and nod your heads like this isn't crazy, ok?? BOL!

Pet Information - Mama writes a short description of all of us pups. Our likes/dislikes, what scares us, what our favorite cookies are and our descriptions. She also includes a picture of each of us. She does this just in case our parents get lost or if there is an emergency and we need to stay at a spa while we are on the road.

Emergency Numbers - Mama includes numbers where Daddy or Grandma and Grandaddy can be reached just in case! She also has the number of our V-E-T on this page.

Medical Information and Vaccine Records - None of us are allergic to anything and we aren't taking special medications, but if we were, we would make sure to have a record of what we were taking and how often we needed to take the medication. Mama DOES have copies of all of our most recent vaccinations and vet records.

Dog License Paperwork - Because we sleep hard and play hard (and may lose our license tags), Mama keeps copies of our Dog License paperwork in the book.

She leaves a copy of this book at home for Nanny Ally when she comes to visit and Mama and Daddy abandon us go on trips!

In case you didn't know,  we live in the middle of nowhere in a remote area of the country. We are prone to earthquakes and landslides, so Mama always has an emergency kit in the back of the Rogue. We aren't going to list everything we have in ours, just things you might need "just in case".

First Aid Kits -  Mama has one for her (and Daddy). She bought it prepackaged and then added extra things (like sudafed, ibuprofin, etc) that she might need. Mama also has one for us that she bought at that Amazon place that has stuff for basic pet first aid.  She also has a Pet First Aid book.

Extra Food and Water - Mama keeps LOTS of bottled water in the back of the Rogue, she also carries emergency dinner for us in case we are stuck on the road at dinnertime. If you notice, by my annoyed face in the above picture, Mama does NOT carry extra cookies (from Mama - that I tell Dory about because she would just eat them)!! Also make sure you remind your peeps to bring extra food bowls and water dishes too!!

Extra Dog Supplies - Extra harnesses, leashes, collars, you name it..Mama brings it.  She learned that you never know when a dog Jakey will chew through a harness or leash and you will need a replacement.

Towels (Bath Towels AND Paper Towels) - Mama always makes sure she carries at least one towel per pup she is traveling with, and an extra towel in the back seat because you never, ever, ever, ever, can have too many towels!! She carries at least 2 rolls of paper towels.

Cleaning solution - Mama carries windex (for dirty windows) and ummm extra strength doggy clean up spray. Cause, you never know if one of the boys is going to hurl.

Duct Tape - Mostly because Daddy is an engineer and can fix anything with a roll of duct tape! 

You can tailor your Emergency Kit to fit your specific needs.
(I would add emergency cookies FOR SURE!!)

Arty wants to make sure you remember to have your pawrents buckle you up for safety.
Whether you have a crate you ride in, or a harness and clip like we do. Make sure every one is safe and secure on the drive!

...and we end this travel"Pee" with a reminder to start stocking up on those poop bags (BOL!!).  This is another item you can never, ever have enough of!!

Thanks so much for joining us today for Pee #2 - Preparing. 
Let us know if you have any questions, and we'll try and answer them in the comments!

Make sure you join us next month for Pee #3 - Packing!!!
We can't WAIT to see everyone at the BAR!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Reminder: Flats and Remembrance Events!!

Below are some examples photos 

Our Mayorz Murphy and Stanley received the photos below from
Angel Greta will be pawticipating in the Remembrance and Mr. Bailey, Hazel and Mabel will be in the Flat Friends
 Mom and I rec'd photos from my Matey Charlie and Amber and Max
They will pawticipate in the Flat Friends Ceremony!!

If you have questions please contact, the Mayorz, Arty, Oreo or Madi via
a comment on our blog or an email.

Flat Easy arrived at Oreo's last week too.  Speaking of  Easy did you know that he will be
acting Mayor while the Mayorz Murphy and Stanley are at the B.A.R.

Originally Mom was gonna take an 11x14 Flat Madi (that she had made by mistake during the Flat Scout trips. 
It was a big honking Flat too and not laminated
 Yesterday she had an 8 x 10 printed at Walgreens
but they don't laminated pics so she took it to Kinko's

So here's what we're going to do:  If you want your photo included in official BAR activities and ceremonies, just send us your photo (details below).  We will include it in all activities as well as the Remembrance Ceremony and Friendship Ceremony.

Remembrance Ceremony  - This will be led by our very own YAM Aunty who is coming from Scotland.  It will be our way to remember and celebrate anyone who was once a part of Blogville but is no longer active in our community or may have passed away/crossed the bridge.  Send us the name and photo (details below) of this pet or human so they can be part of this special ceremony.

Friendship Ceremony This also will be led by YAM Aunty and will be a celebration of the friendships we have made in Blogville.  Despite the fact most of us blog through the voice of our pet(s), behind the scenes we have made many friends.  This ceremony will celebrate and recognize the importance of those relationships.

Follow these instructions to send a photo:

1.  Print out the photo either 5x7 or 8x10.  Larger ones will show up better in photos. 
2.  Laminate your photo to help protect it in the outdoor environment.  If this is not possible, then put it in a sheet protector (cut to size).
3.  Glue or tape your photo to a cardboard backing and make sure you write the name of the person/pet on the front!
4.  Mail your photo to any of the organizers:  Cecilia, Diana. Beth or Carol.  Mailing addresses are available from the Christmas Card Exchange list. 
5.  Be sure to mail your photo early enough that it will arrive prior to the time the organizers begin travel to the B*A*R*.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Special In Between Pee Break

Pee 4 and a Half
Thing to Plan to Bring to the B.A.R.

With only THIRTY ONE days until the B.A.R. we here at B.A.R. Central wanted to give you an idea of things you may want to bring along with you! These are just suggestions, of course, and we know not everyone will be able to bring everything on the list :-). 

1. POOP BAGS....Lots of POOP can never have enough POOP Bags...(teeheehee)
2. Camp Chair(s) for your Peeps to sit in and blankie or towel for you to sit in.
3. Bug Repellent for your peeps (and make sure you have taken your flea and tick medicine, or have some kind of flea and tick repellent)
4. Sunscreen for your peeps (and you if you use one)
5. Water bowl (and food bowl if you are a lunchtime eater) 
6. Extra leash (cause you just never know when a human may chew through their leash!)
7. Camera (Mama made me put it on the list)
8. Cooler (to fill with dog yumyums, water and snacks for your humans)
9. Snacks (make sure you pack some for your human too!)
10. Paper Towels or wet ones (humans are very messy)
11. Mama is bringing our "playpen" for us to play in, if you have a playpen you want to bring, feel free to bring it!
12. A favorite toy, so you can have fun while the humans are doing boring human stuff!!

What else is on your list??  We are sure Mama is forgetting something!

Stay tuned a week from tomorrow for the final "P"
Proper Road and B.A.R. Manners!


Tuesday, May 3, 2016


ONE OF THE VERY FUN THINGS WE ARE DOING AT THE B.A.R. IS..............   Bring it!!!!

I would like to thank the Crabby Girls and The Hands for this excellent idea for a fun 'get acquainted game' during the B.A.R.
We are asking each person attending the Blogville Awesome Retreat to 
bring a gift that represents their City, State or Country.   Since we 
are all traveling from a far,  to the B.A.R., it should be small and cost no more
than $10.00.  We have a ton of crafty bloggers so it can be hand/home made.

We will give each item a number.  Each attendee will receive a number then we'll have a drawing. Everybuddy will leave the B.A.R. with a treasure from somewhere around the great big world!!

We have a thriving artist community in and around the Asheville, NC area.  Mom especially loves the dogwood jewelry by Stuart Nye

Click here to read all about this beautiful jewelry

As we said over on our blog...


Below are a few things made in NC....

it makes an Eastern North Carolina BBQ  Sandwich taste twice as spicy

we won't be bringing any BBQ but if you are ever in Eastern NC this is the best BBQ..
western NC BBQ is sweet and has a ketchup base.

and you must have a large Cheerwine to cool off your tongue and wash down the BBQ.
Lance are another fine NC product.  The snack crackers with peanut butter aka NABS are a staple in this house...

So in closing what I'm trying to say now that I've made myself hungry AND THIRSTY,
if you are at a loss for an item that represents your City, State or Country,
Google "products made in your state's/country name
You will find a wealth of information from food, to agriculture to
jewelry.  Mom is gonna make up a little basket for the B.A.R. Gift
exchange. It will contain several products from NC...not necessarily any of the above. This will be what Dad donates to the exchange and Mom has a friend of hers making an unusual gift which will be Mom's gift for the exchange.