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Monday, February 27, 2017

A New Look AND Oregon Mini BAR FUN!!

What do you think of the new look???
Dougie Dog and Ann over at Zoolatry did a great job sprucing things up and giving us a whole new look for 2017!! Thanks so much Ann, for all you do! 

Would you like to schedule a Mini BAR in your corner of Blogville?? Let us know in the comments and we can email you on how you can spread the word on this BAR page!


Me(Arty) meeting the prior Mayors at the 2016 International BAR
Announcing a 2017 Mini Blogville Awesome Retreat!! 
Now, you or your peeps may be asking:
What IS a Mini BAR??
Well, a Mini Bar is a get together that starts when 2 or more Blogville residents want to get together and socialize! Anyone can put together a Mini BAR anywhere in the WORLD!! It doesn't take any organizing, just tell peeps where you'll be and when. If you live in the area, or want to travel to see some new furiends, you can just show up and say HI!

 The idea for this Mini BAR started at the 2016 International BAR when Murphy and Stanley and Arty(me) and Dory talked about getting us and our peeps together in 2017!
Then we decided, "Hey, why don't we see who else wants to come?!?!"

(thanks to Ann at Zoolatry for the cool new BAR badges too!)

Mini BARS aren't an organized, structured event like the International BAR was last year, but more of a Vacation with benefits! In our case,
benefits like meeting friends in the furs and running on the beach!!

Here are the deets on this Mini BAR!

When: August 24th thru August 27th (2017)
Where: Tillamook County , Oregon

Some of us will be in Wheelie Houses at the Bar View Campgrounds. Click HERE to read more about Bar View and see the 
Camping/RV/Trailer info!!

No Wheelie House?? No Problemo!!
Click HERE to see a list of hotels in the Tillamook County Area

Want to make it a Vacation ?? 
Tillamook County is located under 2 hours west of the Portland(OR) Airport
and 4 hours south of the Seattle-Tacoma(WA) Airport. 

There are TONS of things to see in Tillamook County! 
 Lighthouses, an ICE CREAM FACTORY, a Cheese factory, waterfalls and MORE! Click HERE to see Trip Advisors top 25 things to do in the area! 

Here's who's coming so far!
Murphy and Stanley
Arty(me), Dory and Jakey
Wyatt and  Tegan
 Phod and Hailey's Lady and Man
and Miss Mary Ann

We would love to meet YOU at the Oregon Mini BAR!!