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Monday, May 23, 2016

Roll Call!

In order to make sure we have a good headcount for the pups and peeps who will be seeing one another in a few weeks at the BAR, please email any corrections to us at cecampbell[AT]msn[DOT]com.

Arty & Dory with 2 hoomans
Madi with 2 hoomans
Oreo with 1 hooman
Murphy & Stanley with 2 hoomans
Yamini (Aunty YAM)
Pip's Ruby with 1 hooman
Casey & Jessie with 1 hooman
Frankie & Ernie with 2 hoomans
Sarge's Crabby Girls with 2 hoomans
Hailey & Phod with 2 hoomans
Stella Rose with 1 hooman
Jester with 1 hooman
Sydney from Chewy
Whitney & Jaxzyn with 2 hoomans from A Day In The Life of Pugs 
1 hooman from The Ok Dog Blog with UNK # of dogs
Shelle Pennington with Newby & Dixie

If you are planning to attend, even if for only 1 day, please make sure we have your information!  A special welcome packet will be emailed to ONLY those who are attending so we want to make sure we have your information!


  1. WE just did a copy and Paste of this and it will be on our post fur TOMORROW...
    We also asked that those coming give us the name(s) of the Dog Cat Horse Rabbit or Unicorn that will be represented... That would be nice to have...
    OH and we see that Mayoress Emeritus Madi is being SHY and Sly and left her name off the list... WE KNOW she is coming though... since she is in charge of all the Flat Selves attending. hehehehe

  2. yep we will be there for sure.
    stella rose and momma

  3. Hari OM
    I don't see Cecelia and Bryan (Madi's peeps) on here ... or Diana and Oreo.... but I know they'll be there cuz they're my 'chuffers'!!! YAM xx

    1. Yes they will! Our list was so long that when we copied it we did not notice we had to arrow up to get them all!

  4. I will be bringing Newby and Dixie. So me and 2 :)

  5. Wow, I can't believe it's almost time! My peeps can't wait and the crabby girls have been fabulously agog for weeks now. BOL Correct info for us.
    Grr and Woof,

  6. There are some pups we don't know. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

  7. Mom is so excited she can hardly wait...shhhhhh don't tell but everyone there is gonna be a 6 day pawty at the Hilton Downtown I'm your hostess
    Hugs madi

  8. Actually ... There will be two humans, my husband, Gordon, and myself, Ellen ... along with two pugs - Whitney and Jaxzyn ... A day in the Life of Pugs

  9. We're so excited! We can hardly wait!