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Monday, May 23, 2016

The Five Pees of Travel - Pee 3 - Packing

With the BAR coming right around the corner, we wanted to repost a couple of PEES to remind you of things your humans might need to be reminded to do.
Also, make sure to tune in this Tuesday for one of the most important PEES...
Proper Road Manners AND BAR Manners!!

Here is our Flashback on the 3rd Pee
PACKING for Travel with your Humans!!

Howdy all and welcome to the THIRD Pee in the Five Pees of Travel!! That's right, the BAR is less than THREE months away now!! HURRAY!!

Today we are going to talk about one of our Mama's biggest challenges when going on a road trip, or ANY trip with or without us....
We put together two different lists for packing. One list for the things to leave in the car, and another list for things to put in a suitcase for the #ho-tels! 
First - the list of things for the car, Mama keeps these in a box on the floor by the front seat next to her so she can have them close at hand:
Bottled water - Not all rest areas have water (and Mama doesn't trust the quality of the water if they do have water).
Water bowl(s) - Mama carries 1 per pup traveling
Training Treats - LOTS  of treats!  Mama uses Wellness Petite Treats because they are low in calories and some (Dory) pup thinks she should get a treat every time the care stops.
Old bath towel(s) - for drying off wet pups after a rainy walk (or a swim)
Paper towels - for quick clean ups
Pet Cleaning solution- for accidents
Wet Ones and people hand sanitizer - For Mama's hands after cleaning up (thanks Mili Wife for the idea!)
Pet Deodorizing Spray (or other air freshener)-to cover accident smell
Leashes and extra collars - Mama keeps leashes in every pocket the Rogue has!

I also have my very own suitcase! Mama puts all the things I will need when we stay overnight in the #ho-tel.  Mama wants to note that she doubles up on things so she doesn't have to worry about leaving me in the #ho-tel room alone to make multiple trips to and from the car looking for things she forgot. So we have 2 clean up kits, 2 sets of bowls, ect.
Here is a list of what I like to bring in my suitcase, this will vary from pup to pup (or kitty to kitty) depending :
Foodies - LOTS of foodies (Mama also brings a few little cans of wet food. She mixes this in with my kibble if I am not eating).
Treats - LOTS of treats.
Bowls - for my water and my foodies.
A blanket from home (or a bed)- I usually sleep in the big bed with Mama but I like to have something with familiar smells (besides Mama) to sleep on.
A toy from home - I just love a good game of tuggy before bedtime, and I have a collection of tuggy toys I like to travel with!
Doggy Shampoo - Seriously Mama?? Sigh, Mama says after a few days on the road (and maybe after I sneak a roll in some stinky stuff) even I need a bath.
A Clean Up Kit - I rarely have accidents, but sometimes accidents do happen. Mama and I make sure to pack stain remover, a few rags and air freshener in our suitcase just in case.
Clothes - Mama always brings a couple of dresses, bandanas, etc. for me to wear while we are traveling.  I may not dress up every day, but Mama and I like to do a few photo shoots while we are traveling and a girl has to look her best, right??

Poopy Bags - Mama makes sure to have these on hand for our after dinner walkies!

We hope you can use some of these packing tips when you all hit the road to the BAR or just head out on your next road trip!!

Make sure to join us in April when we talk about the 
Fourth Pee - Practice!!
That's right,  Mama, Arty and I will be taking an OVERNIGHT road trip at the end of the month to see whether or not we can all travel safely together to the BAR! We will be back to let you know all about it!

We can't believe the BAR is less than THREE MONTHS AWAY!!


  1. Hari Om
    This is great packing advice Dory... actually I was just saying to Bertie the other day that my own challenge is to pack with cabin luggage only - so need to ensure everything is 'washanwear'!!! Am wriggling with excitements.... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Packing has Lady scared because we can't get an RV near our house so we have to pack all of us and bedding and dishes into the car before we go. Maybe we should rent a van . . . . . Great tips!

  3. Hey Dory!
    Wow, these are super duper tips! My crabby girls have been all agog because they can't decide what to wear. BOL/POL. They are so excited to meet everyone and are busy trying on all sorts of shells and glamor thingies.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Police Commish

  4. WE just took a WHOLE page of NOTES... this is a fabulous list... we can't think of ANYTHINGY that was left behind...

  5. We're so excited about the BAR coming up!! Thanks for your grreat travel tips. Momma is taking notes!

  6. This is a wonderful post (and we LOVE that photo of you Dory)! Mom says we can't be prepared enough. Me and Stanley are really excited to meet all the Blogville citizens in the furs!

    Your just back from vacation pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Great advice! And remember your meds if ya takes em - one time our momma forgot Finley's allergy meds on a road trip - it wuz NOT fun.

  8. Oh hells bells my mom is jumping with joy cos it is getting so close, wait till I tell her I am going and not the pugs....wienie.
    p.s. could you come by and pack for us, I am unsure my mom is going to be able to tackle all this.