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Blogville Awesome Retreat (BAR)

Here is the latest news on the
 2016 Blogville Awesome Retreat(BAR)
(Please be sure to check back to get the most recent updates!)
Official Dates: June 10, 11 and 12, 2016  (Fri - Sun)          
 Early Bird: Thur. June 9, 2016
Location:  Brown County State Park, Indiana (Click HERE)

The retreat will officially start at noon on Friday, June 10,  2016 and run until noon Sunday, June 12, 2016.  HOWEVER, you are welcome to come to the Early Bird on Thursday, June 9th when we will gather and  get acquainted on a low key basis before the official party starts on Friday. Additionally, anyone who is around after the close of the retreat, is welcome to join us for dinner the evening of Sunday June 12, 2016.
The BAR (Blogville Awesome Retreat) will open at noon on Friday with our official Welcome and activities geared around getting folks to know one another.  We are planning activities to keep you busy having fun and getting acquainted!  Of course you are free to pick and choose what you want to participate in!  As we get closer to the event, we'll make a Schedule of Activities available to everyone.

In the upcoming weeks we'll provide lodging information (camping, hotel and  RV) and the links to take you to the sites. Everyone will be responsible for their own transportation and lodging.

You can check with anyone at the BAR Headquarters for the most current information available on the Retreat.  They are:  Cecilia, Diana, Beth and Carol

So who's coming to this shindig?

Check the Roll Call tab for the latest list of attendees!

What about something closer?

REGIONAL RETREATS:  Several blogs have expressed an interest in a "Regional Retreat".  We are providing information so that you can be aware of one another but otherwise are not involved in any planning.  Please let us know if any retreats are planned (and the date) so we can help advertise your event.

Arizona:  Cookie's Comments
New England:  Sheltie Times, Poodle at Play (PA/NJ), Finn (NY, possible host), Foley Monster & Pocket
Kansas:  Army of Four
Louisiana: Barking from the Bayou
Europe:  Easy, Bertie, YAM, Princess Leah
Pacific Northwest:  Dory's Backyard
California:  Cara n' Crew, Military Pug Wife

Questions You May Have:

 1.  Can I bring my cat/dog/spouse/kids? YES to all but please note we have not planned activities for children and you would be responsible for their supervision and entertainment.

2.  Will photos be posted?  Yes, we will set up a blog specific to the BAR and everyone will be able to load their photos onto it to share with those unable to attend.

3.  Will there be video of the BAR?  Yes, but it may be filmed by a dog using a GO PRO camera.
 4.  What will the weather be like?  It's hard to say but it TYPICALLY is warm (not hot but there's always that chance).  Indiana is humid compared to the western states so there is always a possibility of rain.  Bring mosquito spray and an umbrella.  Ticks and fleas also exist there so plan accordingly.

5.  What cities are nearby?  Nashville is nearby, described as a fun, artsy town. Larger cities are Bloomington, Columbus & Indianapolis. 

6.  Can I send a photo of my pet (or me) to get him/her included in the photos?  By all means!  Just coordinate with anyone who is attending (shown above).

7.  How soon do I need to let you know?  We'd like to know as soon as you feel like it is "likely" that you would attend so we can plan accordingly.  We know unexpected things come up that might alter your plans so if that happens just let us know so we can pull you off the list.

8.  Is there a registration fee? 
We will probably need to have everyone pay a small nominal fee to help cover the cost of reserving/renting the shelter.  We don't expect this to be very expensive at all as we are taking every measure to reduce or eliminate additional costs.  We will have more specifics on this in the future.

9.  What if I have other questions?  Please leave them on this page (in comments) and we will answer you publically since it is likely others will have the same question.


  1. Are the regional retreats happening? We are in New England. We wish we could join you in Indiana, but I think it's too far a drive right now.

  2. No one has organized one as far as we know.

  3. I wish Chris and I could attend! I hope the regional retreats become a thing.