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Roll Call!

So who's planning on coming?  This list will evolve as time goes on but at this point the following are planning to meet at the BAR!

Madi's mom Cecilia and Dad Bryan

Oreo and his mom Diana

Dory & Arty and mom Beth 

Murphy & Stanley and their mom Carol and dad Bob

YAM Aunty (Yamini)

PIP's Ruby & mom Kristin

Casey & Jesse and mom Andrea
Barkley 's mom Lin (Abby too?)

Frankie & Ernie and their mom Lana and dad Butch

Crabby Girls' (Sarge) mom Lori and dad Stan

Hailey & Phod and mom Kristen and dad Drew

Three Little Pugs Stella and mom Deb

Calamity Acres Jester & mom Mary Ann

Sydney from

Please keep us updated as plans change!  We will update names if you give us the info too!


  1. THIS is the mostest EXCITING thingy EVER... WE want EVERYBUDDY in Blogville to come.

  2. I don't think we will be there. Lee is back in rehab for her vertigo and there is not much hope for her driving distance ever again.
    Sweet William The Scot

  3. I wish I could attend! I live too far though. :( Christmas would love it though!

  4. We're coming ... but we can only bring a couple! Whitney and Jaxzyn are the lucky two! We can't wait to meet everyone!!!

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  6. I can't wait to meet everyone, and Jester can't either!